Art of Threading
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Threading is an ancient form of hair removal that continues to be practised by many in the Eastern part of the world. Unwanted hair is removed from the roots with the use of a cotton thread by trained practitioners. Today, threading is the hottest method for facial hair removal and if you ask my honest opinion, it's continuing to gain popularity in the US and worldwide. Although, the origin of threading is not yet clear, statistics indicate that it began in India and Middle east.

Technique: The practitioner holds one end of the cotton thread in his/her teeth and the other in the left hand. The middle of the thread is looped through the index and middle fingers of the right hand. The practitioner then uses the loop to trap a series of unwanted hair and pulls them from the skin. In a way, we could say that the process is similar to waxing EXCEPT that the top layer of sensistive skin on the face  is not peeled or traumatized in the process. It is well suited for the sensitive face and upper lip. When compared to tweezing, threading is found to be more effective and less painful. Also, the hair re-growth becomes noticeably finer and more sparse after a few treatments. No wonder, threading is assumed to be a safe, simple, rapid and highly effective method of hair removal.

Eyebrow shaping $18&up

Lip or Chin $12

Full Face$35-45

Side burn $15

Under Arms: $30

Full Arms $60

Half Arms: $30

Foot: $10


Bikini: $60

Full Legs:$95

Half Legs: $50

Chest: $100 and up

Back: $100 and up
Learning threading may not be as difficult, but it takes years of practice to master the skill to provide the percise eyebrow shape. Sondarya has been providing "threading" for more then 20 years now and has earned the reputation to be the one of the best eyebrows doer in and around Massachusetts.
Are you a professional and looking for the threading kit? Order now by mail.  We accept M O, checks, Visa and MasterCard.
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