Hands & Feet
   Do you feel your nails are breaking or your hands are dull? If answer is yes, that means you need to give attention to your hands too. Our hands represent us. Please do some thing about it. If you do not have time to go to the spa. By giving little attention to your hands at home, you can make them beautiful.
    I would recommend at least once in a month or two you should go for manicure.
   If you can't, following steps could be helpful.
  1. Before you go to bed wash you hands thoroughly with soap.
  2. Apply your favorite hand lotion on your hands and nails.
  3. On each finger nail massage with the help of thumb in circular motion i.e clock and anti clock wise(three or more times).
  4. In the day time after each time you wash you hand, donot forget to apply lotion on your hands. place lotion near the tap, so that you wouldn't have any excuse not to apply. If you follow the above points, you will find big difference in your hands.
 Same thing applies for feet also.
  By doing so you will find your hands and feet softer and Beautiful. The cuticles (dead cells) around the nails will be soften too and it will be easier for you to remove but you should know the proper way to do so, other wise you will end up hurting  and infecting your self. So don't do unless you know how to do. Try to push them back.
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