Many of our bodies have been harmed by accidents, illness, and surgery.  It is believed that the traumas in our lives are stored in our tissue until they are released.Experience the Healing Hands of our Healers to relieve Pain and modern day stresses.

Mool Maalish: $40/1/2 an hour or $70/60 min
(Deep Tissues Massage)
Working with ancient universal energies, healing works to restore balance, bring inner harmony and peace, to re-energies the body; to stimulate the body's own immune system and so aid recovery, as well as inducing deep relaxation.

Swedish Massage: $35/30 min. or 60/1 hr.

Shiatsu: $35- $60
This Soothing Session will relax your Pressure Points.

European stone Massage: $85

Pregnancy Massage: $70/60 minutes of safe and nurturing, light soothing Massage.

Tatkaal Maalish: $40
Take a an hour 30 min break from your hectic schedule.

Reflexology: $40/30 min or$60/60 min
Reflexology is a powerful natural health science that studies the relationship of reflex area in the feet and rest of the body. A manner that will lead to improved health and the maintenance of good health. A great add on to any massage or facial.